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                                     Senator Kennedy and his Gaffe

Senator Kennedy’s speech to The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Monday cautioned against
a failure to pass an immigration reform bill by using an inappropriate example.  “Just look what has
happened with Great Britain, with the isolated communities,” he warned.  “Look what has happened in
France…Look where the cells are in terms of al-Qaeda.  They’re all with different communities, which
have failed to assimilate individuals.”

The Senior Senator from Massachusetts demonstrated both his hypocrisy and his ignorance all in the
same breath.  By shockingly comparing unassimilated Latin American Catholics to second generation
Muslim immigrants, he was negating the importance of culture in the development of terrorism.  
Second generation Muslims lived in their own communities and spoke their own language at the behest
of liberal European politicians who believed that multiculturalism was the panacea.  Instead it was
their poison.

They became radicalized in their mosques and enclaves instead of becoming French like their fathers
and mothers.  Islam fomented their rage against the state and its people instead of providing Muslims
with solutions.

Following Kennedy’s logic, India should stay on the look out for unassimilated Buddhist immigrants. I
can see it now, barefoot and balding monks walking toward a crowded Indian bazaar with people
shouting, “Here come the Buddhist bombers!”

Aside from his deficient religious acumen, Kennedy had discounted liberal academia’s role in
devaluing nationalism.  Assimilation was the standard practice until the apologist educators began their
assault on Americanism.  Those proud to wave and wear the American flag weren’t responsible for
“press one for English and two for Spanish.”  Ted Kennedy and the rest of the haters were the culprits.

Hypocrisy and ignorance aside, the Senator failed to explain how granting amnesty to those living “in
the shadows” and doing “work Americans won’t do” will solve a dysfunctional bureaucracy, a porous
border, spiraling healthcare and education costs- while insisting with a straight face that we are a
country of laws.   
Elizabeth Hope Marin  -    6/20/07