The Absentee Ballot
not lost in translation
The Absentee Ballot sifts through breaking international and national news overcoming language barriers through translations to bring a
fresh perspective to Americans whose views are too often shaped by news organizations more interested in slanting the news than
breaking it. American news ranging from republican and democratic primaries, the general election, the war on terror, foreign policy to
illegal immigration and its impact on politics, the society and how it is perceived internationally is important in understanding how those
stories, in turn, affect America's image.  

Just as important, are the international stories that go unheard because they aren't being reported on in English. Europe is facing the
many of the same struggles politically and socially with an increasing population of immigrants and because of terror cells determined to
enact damage on a continent who has remained so tolerant despite threats by Islamofascists.  Fox, Cnn, CBS, NBC, and ABC, the Drudge
Report, CNBC, Bloomberg, AP and Reuters provide just a fraction of what is happening internationally and the Absentee Ballot will
provide the rest.  
The Absentee Ballot., the book coming later in the year, provided the inspiration to keep reporting the latest news
through this alternative medium.

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Video of the Presidential Car Breakdown

As the Presidential motorcade whizzed by........the President's American made Cadillac konks out in front of the
Italian crowd gathered to watch.  Attempts at restart were unsuccessful and the President had to move to another
car. The Italian commentator covering the event can be heard saying "Americans do it better," with a not so
subtle hint of sarcasm.