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                                                 Back in Somalia

Thirteen years after leaving Somalia, The U.S. is getting ready to go back.  On June 23, eight CIA agents
arrived in Balidogle to inspect the base where in September, American military are supposed to be
stationed.  They got in Balidogle with a small plane dressed in regular clothes and they visited all of the
structures to see what needed to be done in order to move back there such as air-conditioners which
they need to protect computers and intelligence equipment.  Officially they are going back there to fight
war on terror.  According to intelligence, never confirmed in Somalia, the masterminds of the 1998
attack to the U.S. Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam that caused 231 deaths are there.  In
particular, two of the most wanted terrorists are supposed to live in Somalia.  Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan
and Fazul Harun.  The U.S has tried to kill them many times but have never been successful.  There is a
higher menace of terrorism and this worries the Americans not only in the Horn of Africa but also in the
Sahara where there are mobile bases of AQIM or Al Qaeda in Islamic Magreb, in Nigeria where there
are the black Taliban or in Malawi where there are colonies of hard core Muslims that keep shooting at

The Americans would like to build a post in Africa and a big base but despite promising money,
working places and big investments, their hospitality has been declined by Morocco (the best ally to the
U.S. in the area) , Mali, Algeria, Libya and Egypt.  In the sub Saharan Africa, the proposal has been
more attractive because of the "American dream" that today is represented by Barack Obama, son of a
Muslim from Kenya and also because a base brings a lot of money and business.  The fight against
terrorism isn't only fought militarily as the Admiral William McRaven says, "we have to strengthen the
government and assist the population in order to take away from the terrorists the water in which they
swim."  In more clear words, millions of dollars in aid to those who collaborate with the Pentagon

From an article in the Corriere della Sera by Massimo A. Alberizzi