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                                        A Kiss at the Colosseum

Near the Roman Colosseum, two young gay men were arrested.  According to the couple, the trouble started on
Gay street when they embraced for a kiss.  The two men, ages 27 and 28, were walking down the street when
they spotted  a carbinieri (cop) car.  They proceeded walking near the historic amphitheatre and briefly stopped to
kiss, at which point they noticed the lights of the car begin to flash.  The cops, however, vehemently deny
arresting the men for merely kissing and suggest that the couple had been engaged in something more intimate.

The two men were taken to jail and issued a formal denunciation for "obscene acts in a public place." Afterward
they were released but not before they were ordered to appear before the court at a later date. The Gay Help
Line, a gay advocacy group, is involved and have claimed discrimination.  But again, the officers maintain that the
arrest wasn't just about a kiss.

Link to the original article translated from Italian(scroll down)